Amatsu therapy is a fairly modern amalgamation of principles of Western Osteopathy and Massage with ancient Japanese Martial systems of movement and medicine. Three Western Osteopaths were extensively trained by Dr Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan and each given licence to teach the knowledge in the West. Combining their Osteopathic, Shiatsu and Massage knowledge with the skills that Dr Hatsumi had taught them, Amatsu was developed into a powerful healing therapy using natural body movement to correct and re-balance the body.


The body is designed to move freely, at will, maintaining and repairing itself as and when needed. If, for some reason, such as injury or lifestyle, it cannot do that, it will adapt and move in a modified way in order to perform the tasks that we ask of it. These adaptations can sometimes build up until there is no further ‘room for manoevre’ and our body cannot bounce back to its healthy state. Often this is the point where we feel enough pain or discomfort to seek help.

Amatsu, using the ninjutsu principles, is a very gentle therapy where the client is barely aware of the powerful and far reaching techniques that the practitioner is using to re-balance their body. As the subtle corrections are working WITH the body without FORCE, the body easily accepts the changes which allows it to ‘unwind’ some of those painful adaptations and return to equilibrium. This technique of working WITH the body works on many levels as a holistic therapy.

Amanda combines Amatsu with Osteopathic Neural and Visceral manipulation, enabling these adaptations to be addressed as necessary. 

It’s often not: ” How long have you had the problem?” Although this is important, it’s more like: ” Why isn’t it healing / getting better?” By ‘Listening’ to the body, we can find out how to help correct the imbalance and speed up recovery.

Stress seems to be an increasingly common problem in all age groups as we are having to adapt and cope with challenges outside of our comfort zone. Mental/emotional challenges affect our physical body and our physical challenges affect our mental / emotional state. We are a complete ‘unit’ with every part of us affecting the whole. Amatsu aims to balance the body on all levels, as structural and internal balance allows space for mental / emotional / energetic balance to re-establish.

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