Frequently asked questions (homeopathy)

How long is my treatment likely to last? / When will I see some improvement in my symptoms? / Are my symptoms likely to recur?
These are questions you should raise with your practitioner. To give you an opportunity to do so, we encourage you to have a free Pre-Consultation appointment, as we want you to be completely happy with what we offer before you book your first appointment.

How do I contact my practitioner in between appointments?
If you have a query regarding your treatment, please contact your practitioner by phoning the clinic, where you can either leave a message with the receptionist, or on the answerphone.  Please speak slowly and clearly and give your name, the name of your practitioner and your telephone number.  We will try to return your call the same day if it is left before 14.00.

How do I take the remedy?
Potentised pills are best taken under the tongue. They should be allowed to dissolve for two minutes and then they may be crunched up and swallowed. Do not swallow them down with a drink, and if possible avoid eating, drinking, smoking or cleaning your teeth for five to ten minutes before or after taking the remedy.

I forgot to take my remedy at the allotted time, what should I do?
Basically, you needn’t worry. Just continue with the remedies as advised by your practitioner.

How should I store my remedies?
Somewhere cool, dry and dark, and away from strong smells and electronic devices.

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