Kay Willis

My clinical experience is grounded in therapies that work in harmony – offering effective natural solutions for chronic and acute health issues

Balancing life and creating a healthy environment in which we can thrive is the purpose of using a holistic form of therapy. Everyone comes with their own unique issues, so, it is important to consider the Whole; body, mind, lifestyle and environment.  I carefully consider the issues that need to be addressed and we put together a personal plan of action with the aim of creating a trusting working relationship which will nourish and restore health and vitality.

Having worked in the field of complementary and alternative therapies for over 25 years, I am still dedicated and excited about the work and the solutions it offers for bringing people back to health.

I am genuinely interested in the whole health journey, I care deeply about my clients well-being and thoroughly enjoy working with them on whatever health issues they are challenged by.



Homeopathic medicines are chosen to treat the whole person. The mind and body inform each other, therefore you cannot treat one part of the body without affecting the whole.  TEXT BOX

​​ It has been my privilege to work with homeopathy for over 30 years.  Over this time it has become my family’s first choice in medicine providing a gentle effective aid to healing in all health conditions.​

Medicines are chosen to fit all of the symptoms and characteristics of the patient, so that your mental and emotional state is taken into account alongside your physical issues – it is the whole that is considered.

Homeopathy works on a principle known as ‘the law of similars’ or ‘like cures like’. This law states that a substance that can cause a disease can also relieve it. As an example, coffee Coffea is a stimulant that can cause insomnia. Therefore, Coffea may be used in homeopathic doses to relieve that insomnia.


Healing means to make whole and to accept all parts of yourself  – not just the parts you like, but all of you.

With a background in holistic therapies that view the mental/emotional state as integral/inseparable to the physical wellness of a person it was natural for me to always be curious and interested in how to work as effectively as possible with someone to restore emotional well-being.

My initial training was in Transactional Analysis and due to my love of nature followed on with further training in outside therapy.  Learning does not stop and I continue to explore and deepen my knowledge in the field.

Everyone I meet has a life in which difficulties arise for many different reasons. Counselling is a way of caring for yourself, during both times of stress and crisis and in managing difficult feelings.

Sometimes the difficulties may be around aspirations, changes that you would love to make, the job you want to go for, the life / work balance you yearn for or the desire for a healthier lifestyle.  Supporting people to make change is deeply rewarding work.

I provide a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space to explore the issues you’d like to work through.

Walk & Talk Therapy

Using nature as medicine to soothe and heal body, mind and soul. 

It is hard to overstate how beneficial nature is for our well-being,  Nature itself triggers so many innate healing responses to the physical and emotional body; it reduces feelings of stress and anxiety, lessens depression, improves clarity of thinking, increases focus and creativity, engages our senses and calms the body’s nervous system as well as calming the mind.  On a cellular level it promotes happiness and well-being.

Did you know that our immune cells, or “natural killer cells,” which fight cancer, increase in the woods?

Study after study documents the psychological and physical benefits of connecting with nature.

People who regularly use the natural environment for physical activity (defined as at least once per week) have about half the risk of poor mental health compared to those who do not do so.

I offer walks in various beautiful settings in my local area.  These include beech wood trails, open parkland spaces, rolling hills and meandering river banks.

Each walk is tailored to consider safety, confidentiality and individual needs such as fitness levels and health considerations.


It is rare to find an effective therapy that is potent enough to use alongside cancer therapies, whilst being safe enough for children to use.

Since using micro-immunotherapy (MIT) with clients I am continually impressed by the impact it has on restoring health, without the side effects of medication.  It works effectively with any other treatment, medical or complementary on a wide range of conditions/diseases.

Micro-immunotherapy was developed by Dr Maurice Jenaer in the 1970s and is in wide use in Germany, France, Italy and Austria. It works by delivering micro-doses of bio-identical mediators (messengers) such as cytokines, which are proteins responsible for the coordination of immune response.  These proteins communicate directly with the immune system prompting a response for the body to repair and heal. 

It is simple and easy to take as it comes in capsules which are emptied under the tongue, delivering information directly to the lymphatic system and triggering an appropriate immune reaction.

Micro-immunotherapy can be used for many health issues, including:

  • inflammation anywhere in the body
  • skin conditions
  • arthritis and joint inflammation;
  • sleep
  • viruses such as Epstein Barr Virus, shingles, and herpes
  • chronic health conditions such as M.E, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), and fibromyalgia
  • recurrent infections
  • seasonal environmental allergies
  • inflammation of the Gut, e.g. Crohn’s, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis
  • depression; Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s; and stress-related disorders.

For more detailed information and scientific papers relating to MIT https://micro-immunotherapy.com/what-is-micro-immunotherapy/

For more detailed information and scientific papers relating to MIT https://micro-immunotherapy.com/what-is-micro-immunotherapy/

Gut & Metabolic Health

Our gut microbiome is a living changing organ that is a direct extension of the food we eat, the nature that we touch and the environment we live in.

A healthy gut is the foundation for overall long-term health and vitality. 

Problems with gut health and digestive conditions are extremely common.  As many as 40% of the UK population suffer from at least one symptom of a digestive problem at any one time; such as IBS, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea, acid reflux, pain/discomfort. These issues can often be relatively simple to deal with when you take a holistic approach.

Our gut is so much more than a digestion engine – it is essential to our nutrition, digestion and metabolism.

The organisms that make up our microbiome play so many key roles in promoting the smooth daily operations of the human body – how our body processes food, how efficient we are at eliminating toxins, whether we are prone to obesity; how our immune system functions, how it communicates with our brain and influences our emotions.


The health of our gut directly translates to how we think and feel –  and it exerts more control over us than we think.  Our gut tells our bodies how to feel and our minds how to think, understand, and even react.

90% of our serotonin (the happy hormone) is made in our gut. So, if our gut health is out of balance, then our mood and emotions can be too


Helping clients with diet (what, when and how to eat), sleep, stress management, exercise, and avoiding environmental toxins that are known to disrupt metabolic function are all simple interventions in restoring metabolic health and a sense of wellness.

The benefits of good metabolic health are extensive:

  • Stable and sustained energy throughout the day
  • Sharp memory and recall
  • Sustained exercise endurance
  • Fat burning ability and healthy weight
  • Stable mood, decreased anxiety and depression
  • Clear skin and decreased wrinkles
  • Improved fertility
  • Improved sexual health
  • A high functioning immune system
  • Lower risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, fatty liver disease, heart disease, stroke, and more
  • Increasingly the impact of poor metabolic health affects clients on a daily basis, leaving them just under-par, never feeling full of energy or vitality, just getting by.

Professional Qualifications & Memberships

  • Member of the British Society for Ecological Medicine (BSEM) 
  • Member of the Medizinische Gesellschaft fuer Mikroimmuntherapie (MeGeMiT)
  • Member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH)
  • Registered with the General Naturopathic Council (GNC)
  • The People Practitioner Award Diploma from TA Works (UK 2019)
  • Taking Therapy Outside (UK 2019)
  • GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) training (UK 2012)
  • Licentiate of the College of Practical Homeopathy (UK 2007)

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