asyra pro biofeedback




The Asyra Pro is the most advanced bio-energetic screening system in the world, and has US Food and Drug Agency* approval. It accurately monitors how the body is functioning.

Asyra screening is a totally non-invasive way to get information from the body about aspects of health that are balanced or imbalanced.

⃰ The US Food and Drug Administration is the US agency responsible for protecting public health through the regulation of all medical devices.



  • Imbalances and weaknesses in organ systems
  • Nutritional needs and food intolerances
  • Allergen and environmental sensitivities
  • Toxic load in the body
  • Mental and emotional stresses affecting your well-being
  • Vitamin, mineral, amino acid and enzyme deficiencies
  • Antibody disturbance and inflammation


Imbalances and weakness in organ systems -

The screening will identify which of the major organs of your body are currently in stressed or weakened states. As organ systems are linked together both physically and energetically, the system can also indicate the root cause of the imbalance.


Nutritional needs and food intolerances -

Nutritional screening provides an excellent indicator of your vitamin and mineral requirements and of any food sensitivities or allergies that you may have. It also identifies any absorption problems.


Environmental and allergen sensitivity -

This type of sensitivity is often a symptom of deeper level imbalances, so you can potentially be de-sensitised using imprinted homeopathic remedies, in conjunction with a broader health improvement program.


Toxic load in the body -

The presence of toxins influence health strongly, so we use the screening to identify any toxins that are affecting your health. We pay particular attention to how well your liver is functioning, since it is major detoxification organ. Ensuring that your body regulates toxins effectively is an essential part of any treatment program


Mental and Emotional Stresses affecting your well-being -

In the cause and course of ill-health your mental and emotional state is as important to work with as the physical.  The screening process highlights particular stresses which are impacting your health now.

There have been a number of clinical trials which demonstrate the effectiveness of the Asyra. To see the research on allergies follow the link



The computer system has a range of over 5000 tests which are selected according to your individual requirements.  The system monitors and reports tiny changes within your body systems.  The results of the screening are immediate and provide a full body functioning analysis. This analysis is used together with your health history to create a personalised treatment plan.



Initially a full medical case history is taken by our experienced practitioners, who will use this information to select the appropriate tests for your health issues. This can range from a simple food intolerance screening to a full screening, which can include imbalances, weaknesses, deficiencies, physical problems and emotional stressors.

Then you will be asked to hold two brass probes which monitor changes in the body and feed that information back to the computer, which produces a report showing where these imbalances lie. 

The procedure is totally non-invasive.



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In 1987 I helped set up the Marlow Homeopathic Clinic which has grown and is now Marlow Homeopathy. During my thirty plus years of experience as a practising homeopath I have run two busy practices, one here at Marlow and the other at the Natural Therapy Clinic in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

Homeopathy, Counselling, Allergy & Food Intolerance Testing, Asyra Pro Biofeedback

Patient health is of utmost importance to me in my work at Marlow Homeopathy; I love my work and am committed to providing patients with the support and care they need during their treatment.

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